This Page is dedicated to the Great Men who's stock and assistance is the foundation on which the Ruiz stud of Yorkshires is based. These men, in my opinion, have been a great influence on the Yorkshire Canary, as we know it today both in The Ruiz Stud not to mention the entire world.

These Men produced Yorkshires that have surpassed the Standard of Excellence time and time again, winning specialty shows such as the Y.C.C., S.Y.C.C., and N.Y.C.C. of England, where, the Yorkshire’s are shown in numbers as high as 900 plus. 

The Bloodline of the Percy James Yorkshires can be traced to being in his family for over 80 years.

It is a great loss to the Yorkshire Fancy when men like Percy James and Norman Hallsworth pass on.  It is my hope that I can consider myself among today's world renowned Yorkshire Canary enthusiasts who have managed to continue working with the bloodlines of these fine gentlemen.

Ian Mesley the Yorkshire Champion of Australia enjoying a meal!

Norman Hallsworth & Tony


                                                                                         Tony & Percy James                  

Tony, John O'Connor, Norman Hallsworth & Percy James




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