2017 Youngsters coming this Fall!




These are just a small handful of the many fine-quality youngsters produced by the Ruiz Stud of Yorkshires in 2016.  Some of these are slated to be in the upcoming 2017 breeding program. These birds are produced with the highest quality in mind sparing no detail in the production toward the goal of producing that elusive standard of perfection.  Please pay particular attention to the improvement in the line over the last two years!

Never, ever hesitate to contact me for any advice that hopefully may help you succeed in your goal with the Yorkshire Canary.

Note: Simply click on each thumbnail below to make it larger then click the back button or arrow to come back to this page to click on the next thumbnail until you've viewed them all. Here's hoping you like what you see! 


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Now Onward To The Production Of The 2017  Crop So We Can Fill This Page With Photos Of The 2017 Youngsters!!

See you all at the  National Bird Show in St. Charles, Illinois in 2017!!  


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