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Some of the many trophies won over the years

My interest with birds started back when I was a young boy.  Growing up in Chicago I kept pigeons until I got married.  I got my first few canaries in 1982.  In 1984 I saw the first Yorkshire canary and I knew then if I ever started breeding birds it would have to be Yorkshires.  That same year I bought my first pair of Yorkshires.  Soon after that I started showing locally with Frills and Yorkshires.  I later got rid of the Frills only to start with Borders a few years later.  I went to my first National in 1988, not showing birds just because I thought the quality was not good enough to exhibit at a national level.  In 1991, I had the best breeding season ever.  I banded 90 chicks that year. 

After they molted, upon entering my bird room and looking at all these young Yorkshires with their bright orange color was just overwhelming. 

Later that year a friend came by to visit and see my birds.  He was surprised to see that many good quality birds in one room.  He then told me I would be crazy not to take a team of Yorkshires to the National in November.  I thought about it for a week.  I later called him back to help me put a show team together for that season.  This was the first National that I would win.  To my surprise my birds won most every class and winning Best Type Canary and the Kellogg Trophy, which is the highest award for each Division at the National Show. 

After that win, my interest in breeding Yorkshires escalated.  The following year I was invited to take a trip to England.  By this time I was already corresponding with several breeders in England who had also graciously invited me to their homes and to my first big Yorkshire show, the YCC in London.  The friendship and hospitality they showed us was never to be forgotten. 

 That year I brought over my first few pairs of Yorkshires and Borders from England.  I did not realize that my love and passion for this wonderful breed of Canaries would take me back to England several more times.  

The birds brought over through the course of these few years were from the birdrooms of such notable breeders such as Norman Hallsworth and Percy James.  These birds would become the foundation of my stud of Yorkshires. 

 The result was that with quality stock and my passion for showing, these great birds would reward me with 10 more Nationals victories and a total of 3 Kellogg Trophies and 2 Higgins Trophy at five of those Nationals for Best Type Canary in Show!  Making my stud of Yorkshires the stud with the most consistent National wins with Yorkshire Canaries since their introduction into North America many years ago!  

Click on the thumbnails below to get some huge images of my new birdroom!

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Above you will be able to view the birdroom as I evaluate some of my youngsters in late November, 2010!

The center section of my new birdroom in St. Charles, Illinois with training in progress.

With the new generation of Yorkshires emerges a new generation of Yorkie men, my grandson, Andy Ruiz at 4 years of age!


Andy at 10 years of age!  Where does the time go?

Andy growing so fast and we enjoy every minute of his life!!  



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